How to Voice Audio Books – 28th October 2014



The guys at Gravy for the Brain have done it again with some training for the art of voice.

As digital learning continues to progress, audiobooks are now big business. But how do you approach recording an audiobook? How can you keep your listeners engaged throughout the entire book?

For less than the price of a good bottle of wine, Peter Kenny (100+ audiobook credits) leads this one-off webinar (this really will only be happening once!) which discusses all those questions and many more….

The webinar will be strictly limited in its numbers, and is incredibly well-priced!

 To book, please follow the relevant link:

UK: Click here – only £10!
USA/Canada: Click here  – only $15!
Australia/New Zealand: Click here – only $15!
Ireland: Click here – only €12.50!
ZA: Click here – only USD$15!

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