DPG Community Merry Christmas

Christmas wouldn’t be christmas if I didn’t put my hands to some form of Christmas digital goodness and this year it’s been a pleasure to work on this one for DPG. This year, we’ve opted for a nice, simply worded Christmas greeting to the friends and family of the DPG Community. You can see it below.

In the thriving community of practice of the DPG Community, thousands of HR and L&D professionals network, share, learn and grow. That includes those developing their HR and L&D expertise through CIPD qualifications with DPG to those that are just making the most of all the community has to offer.

So what about you and your development for 2018? If you are a professional looking to be part of a vibrant community dedicated to continually developing and being the best at what they do, just head along here and sign up.

We’ll look forward to having you with us in 2018.

Here’s the video. Merry Christmas.


#IDrewAPigeon: Want to Learn How To Use Twitter?

Twitter is a powerful tool and nowadays, I couldn’t be without it. It’s firmly in my toolkit of digital platforms that I find incredibly useful. But it hasn’t always been that way.

Like many, when I first heard about Twitter years ago, I just didn’t get it. Why would you want a platform that essentially just allows you to broadcast a ‘status’ update? And why, should we be limited to the number or characters we should use?

So why did I join? The honest reason for this is I felt obliged to do so as a particular DJ I was listening to much on the radio at the time (and still do). He was always banging on about Tweeting the show, more so than sending in texts. Over the months that I listened to him, I became fascinated with how the guy built collections of interactions on certain parts of his show and music he was playing under the banner of something I’d never heard of; hashtags.

I took the plunge, signed up for an account, sent a few tweets, followed a few TV programmes other high profile accounts, to get very quickly very bored and put it to one side for a couple of years.

Creating a personal knowledge store using Slack

In my role as a Digital Learning Specialist, one of the challenges I find is keeping up with all the knowledge needed to do my job. Digital is massive. There’s so much to learn with the software I use. Videos, animations, audio, instructional design, virtual classrooms, social platforms, collaboration tools the list goes on and on. It seems like every day there’s something new to get my head around. Because there is so much to learn, there is also a lot to remember. It’s just not possible to keep all this in my head.

Five essential questions to ask when producing a video

Whether it’s to support learning, employee engagement, recruitment or some other activity, more and more of us are expected to support organisations to produce video content. It takes just a few seconds for someone to say ‘let’s make a video’, but it’s the very shortest part of the whole pre-production process that follows. Whether using your own in-house skills to produce video content or you’re working with an external provider, it’s important that you understand the process of gathering the all important information required.

DPG’s HRM Level 5 Online CIPD Programme Advert

Here’s your story let’s begin

The waters fine come on dive in

The future’s here, its right before your eyes

Step by step you’re on your way

Welcome to a brighter day

Don’t you know it’s good to be alive

I love those tracks that you hear and just feel the need to do something with. When I heard the lyrics of the song sung by a guy called Benji Jackson backed by the awesome upbeat sound of Pink Zebra it was the meant to be. A perfect fit.

The digital curation of #Tweepathon The Movie 2016

tweepathon slate

It’s a fairly long story. About 2-3 mins reading. Or you can skip straight to a pretty cool movie at the bottom of this page…..

Ok, so it’s not a real movie in the true sense of the word. But at around 4.30am Monday morning after a marathon of digital curation and video production it felt like that’s what we had all made. A piece of history. Something special and something certainly unique. Born out of the genius mind of Simon Heath, #tweepathon was a brilliant journey. Great people coming together to do great things for charity. You can read all about that here and make charitable donations as you wish.

Twitter Lists: A guided tour


It’s been a week since my new way of working with Twitter began. I’ve had a few questions here and there about how it all works. I’ve put together the video below that gives a sneak peak behind the scenes of what my new Twitter looks like.

I’m not for one minute suggesting everyone follows this exact same blueprint. The video does however give a useful introduction to get you thinking about how you could make Twitter lists work for you.

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