Chimp Paradox – Managing your Chimp

I’ve always wanted a pet chimp. There is something fascinating about them and I always thought it would be cool to have one. I’ll not go into the reasons why, but this really is true!

I’ve settled for kids and dogs instead!

What I didn’t realise though that for all this years, I already had a chimp. I always have I just didn’t know. I’m delighted with the news, even though I feel like I’ve just taken on a whole new world of responsibility. But it’s fun to now know that I have a chimp!

All this will make sense if you start to explore the work of Dr Steve Peters, author of The Chimp Paradox. He was the key note speaker at this year’s Learning Live hosted by the Learning and Performance Institute. I would love to write a blog on what he spoke about but I really couldn’t do the whole thing the justice it deserves. Kate Graham wrote a great article summarising the session, which you can find in the list of links below. I hadn’t even finished my walk to the train station the day after hearing him speak before I had bought an electronic version of the book on my smart phone. The following day I bought the audio book. Just last Saturday, lucky enough to be on one of the workshops hosted by Chimp Management me and my chimp hot footed across town to get three copies of the paperback version of the book for me, my friend and my boss for Dr Steve Peters to sign.

So rather than tell you all about what’s in the Chimp Paradox concept, why you should take time to discover this and how it will benefit you (and others around you), I thought it would be wise just to leave you with a list of further reading/watching for you to explore the topic for yourself.

Thanks both of you for reading (yes there are two of you – you are sharing your mind with someone else!). Look after each other and work together. Enjoy the following: