#IDrewAPigeon: The Movie Explained

Learn to draw a pigeon? From Simon Heath? On Twitter? Yes please. Digitally curate it too? Yes please. It’s a hat-trick in digitally collaborating with Simon Heath influenced by his creations. This was one I couldn’t resist diving into. It came just at the right time. A brilliant story to share in a digital way.

I’m always amazed what you can do on Twitter and what you can learn. When you know how to get the best from it, it’s a powerful learning tool. It caught my eye just as I was doing some work on building a new live interactive session I’m running to help people learn how to make the most of Twitter for their development.

It was whilst I was building some content for this session when the work of Simon Heath caught my eye. The brilliant story of teaching people how to draw a pigeon on Twitter demonstrated the power of Twitter as a learning community and I story that I couldn’t afford not to digitally curate. It’s a perfect story around how Twitter helps people to come together share knowledge, learn, develop and do good stuff. There are many communities out there to be a part of and much variety in the ways you can access them. Choosing to be a part of at least one community is a good thing to do. More if you like. But choosing not to be a part of any is not wise for anyone who is serious about staying ahead of the game.

I’m passionate about encouraging people to embrace, and really embrace, Twitter and this story really helps. If you can join me on that session, I’d love to have you there.

In the meantime, let me share with you what is, with thanks to Simon Heath, the story that I’ve curated as #IDrewAPigeon.

Have a watch. Have a go. And enjoy!

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