It’s Time to Move: Digital Learning is NOW

IPad_digital_learning Shopping, banking, listening to music, watching films, booking holidays, keeping in touch with friends, sharing photos, campaigns against political decisions, raising customer service complaints… The list goes on in the ways that digital has had an impact on the way we lead our lives. Marketing, finance, customer service, IT, operations, HR and L&D have all shifted some of what they do to make use of new technology. But no doubt, there’s much more to do to embrace the tech that’s out there let alone the stuff that’s coming around the corner that we don’t even yet know about. There’s a massive buzz around the word “digital” in L&D right now. Whilst I’m not a huge fan of finding yet another word to tag onto the front of the word learning, there’s something about the word digital that gets me excited. It plays to my skills. It’s online as well as it is offline. It’s social as well as isolated. It’s mobile as well as static. Live or on demand. It’s a great word that seems to encompass everything. Digital has been a feature of my career for many years. I’ve got myself involved in all manner of digital things. Video production, audio production, animation, online learning, live learning, on demand learning and broadcast learning to name a fDPG Logoew. So it makes total sense to me to embrace this whole world of digital in a brand new opportunity that has come my way. It is one that was just too good to miss. I’m delighted to let you know that from the beginning of July, I’ll be starting a new role as a Digital Learning Specialist. The role is working for DPG PLC, the leading provider of CIPD qualifications in the UK. With us all needing to embrace the world of digital, where better to be than in an organisation that plays a huge part in developing people that are responsible for developing others? 13385_10155455938010462_6707456981835009467_n In many respects, it’s been an easy and straight forward decision to go for the role. On one hand, I love the job that I currently do, the people I work with and the organisation. I was certainly not looking actively to move on. But at the same time, my new role is perfectly aligned to what I do and what I aspire to do. It’s all very exciting and I’m like a coiled spring ready to get started. In the meantime, you’ll be able to see some of my digital work next week as DPG promote the great work that they do at next week’s CIPD event in London. You can see a short video clip below. Sadly, I’ll not be there physically, but I’ll certainly be following the digital footprints that they leave.

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