Learning Now TV First Broadcast 16th October 2014


Learning Now TV was broadcast for the very first time on Thursday night at 8pm UK Time. We were delighted with the amount of people logged on to the channel and the great feedback we received.

Prior to the broadcast I had the privilege of launching the channel and hosting the 15 minutes prior to the programme starting. In the pre-programme programme there was an interview with Jon Kennard (www.trainingzone.co.uk) and Colin Steed, Executive Producer for the channel.

In the podcast below I give a quick summary of what was in the programme and have included those two interview clips.

Do remember you can register free on www.learningnow.tv to get access to the previous programmes and also get details of future programmes before they happen. The next programme is at 8pm UK Time on Thursday 13th November.

Thanks so much for your support and do continue to give us your feedback.  You can also join the team on Twitter at www.twitter.com/learningnow.tv

Hope to see you next time


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