Learning Now TV Needs You – Your Say



One of the features on the recently launched Learning Now TVĀ is a feature called “Your Say”. This is where we invite people to send in short video clips of themselves talking about something they are passionate about in Learning and Development. Clips can be filmed on a Smart Phone or web camera.

I need your help for the next programme and ideally need some new 60 second clips by early next week. Here’s some tips for you:

  • Your clip needs to be as close to 60 seconds as you can
  • Have a think about what you’re going to talk about and have a little practice – the more your practice the easier it becomes
  • Try to avoid writing a “script” as it usually sounds more natural without
  • Don’t worry about ers and ums – it sounds so much more human anyway!
  • Try and keep your camera as still as possible whilst filming
  • It helps us if you leave a few seconds of you looking into the camera before/after you start talking

The Your Say feature is popular on the channel and inviting our audience to be part of the programme is exactly what we want to do.

You can find contact details for the programme on the website of Learning Now TV. Please also feel free to contact me directly for any help.

We’re looking forward to receiving your clips.

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