Social Learning: Some early questions to consider


The other week I wrote a blog called “Social Learning: Keep Calm” in a bid to help those that haven’t really got the idea yet to relax and fear not.

Once we’re over this fear, the questions start flowing. These are questions, considerations, thoughts and conversations.

These are not barriers nor reasons not to proceed.

  • Are our people ready to socially learn?
  • Do we understand how this will improve our organisations?
  • Do our people understand how to share and why it is important?
  • Do they understand how to use the system to share that we place in front of them?
  • Are the right communities set up for people to share within?
  • Have we given individuals the opportunity to think carefully about what would be useful to share?
  • Are there community leaders, or champions of sharing and do we connect with them enough?
  • How do we encourage sharing to happen?
  • Are there opportunities within our face to face learning to allow delegates to create shareable learning resources?
  • How does social learning complement each and every one of our face to face programs?
  • How can we use what has already been shared online in offline learning environments?
  • Are the leaders of our business part of this and are they sharing and collaborating in the same way?

There are possibly a million and one other questions or thereabouts. For now, I just wanted to pop down some immediate thoughts to come back to.

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