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I help with digital

I help with digital. That might be to inspire learning, share knowledge or connect people.

From a visual perspective, I have experience working with video, design and animation. In audio; recording, editting, voice work in video and eLearning. And to get interactive, I get my sleeves rolled up with communities of practice, instructional design and social media. I'm interested in content that is live and on-demand.

Professionally, I'm qualified in Learning and Development by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and a fellow member of the Learning and Performance Institute (FLPI).

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What is it exactly I do?
It's a great question. Often tough to explain in just one pint. But hopefully I've done a good enough job summing it up here. I've split it into three areas. Visual, audio and interaction. There's no smell and taste yet with digital, or at least I don't do that bit. Eyes, ears and touch, no problem!


Great visuals are essential with digital content aren't they? Video is a huge part of what I do. I can also help with skills in graphic design for online, print and presentations. Oh and some animation too! Let me know what you need eyeballs on.


Let's not underestimate the power of great audio. Whether it's support with podcasting, recording, editing, advice on audio for video, music selection and voice narration, I can help you. Let me know how you want to tickle the ears of your audience.


People need to engage with and consume your digital content. Live or on demand is a question. Online learning design, landing page, contact automation, building communities, getting more social with media, content access control, online support systems, I can help.

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