Alternatives to email

Alternatives to email is something I’ve been exploring for a while. Perhaps years in fact. My relationship with email has definitely changed. It’s become worse than the junk letterbox situation with the ‘in real life’ mailbox. The stats on my own personal email addresses tell me that on average, it can take four days to respond to an email as a minimum and most of them don’t even get that with over 95% emails not being responded to.

In my professional life, alternatives to email have been found with tools like Slack. There’s certainly been a faster flow of communication, a hell of a lot more multi-tasking and great conversations and knowledge sharing as a result. Plus, a reduction in email. That being said, the noise is incredible! Yes communications are briefer and shorter, but there’s a lot more of them in a variety of different channels. Has the single inbox been simply divided into several?

In the Twitter chat below there’s some good suggestions that I’ll be exploring. If you’ve any others to share, I’d love to hear in the comments below your suggested alternatives to email.


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