Tools to Capture and Curate

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I love a good Twitter discussion and this one from Helen Amery is no exception. She asked, “…if you were collating resources into one place to relate to different stages of some work (resources include files, photos, links) what computer-based app would you use?”

In the discussion that followed on Twitter, there were some favourite tools that I would expect to see. I’ve also learned about some additional digital tools to add to my growing armoury.


Alternatives to email

Alternatives to email is something I’ve been exploring for a while. Perhaps years in fact. My relationship with email has definitely changed. It’s become worse than the junk letterbox situation with the ‘in real life’ mailbox. The stats on my own personal email addresses tell me that on average, it can take four days to respond to an email as a minimum and most of them don’t even get that with over 95% emails not being responded to.

In my professional life, alternatives to email have been found with tools like Slack. There’s certainly been a faster flow of communication, a hell of a lot more multi-tasking and great conversations and knowledge sharing as a result. Plus, a reduction in email. That being said, the noise is incredible! Yes communications are briefer and shorter, but there’s a lot more of them in a variety of different channels. Has the single inbox been simply divided into several?

In the Twitter chat below there’s some good suggestions that I’ll be exploring. If you’ve any others to share, I’d love to hear in the comments below your suggested alternatives to email.


Questions to ask before making a video

Questions to ask before making a video often comes up in conversations I have and it’s an important one. It takes just seconds to say ‘let’s make a video, but that bit is the very shortest part of the whole process that is about to take place. That is, if it is intended that the video is to be a success. And why wouldn’t it be.

The question might also be, WHY should we ask questions before making a video?

Over my time, I’ve built up lots of practical evidence of the benefits of making sure the pre-production process is done well. There’s the savings in time, mitigating risks of things going wrong, ensuring the right content is captured and the most beneficial engaging story is told. I can think of one production I was involved in where the pre-production planning was responsible for saving thousands of pounds.

As more and more of us are involved in making videos, it’s important we have the knoweldge to consult with our stakeholders and help them develop the best videos with the biggest impact. Videos are all around us supporting learning, engaging employees, helping us to recruit and share knowledge inside and out of our organisations. Whether using your own in-house skills to produce video content or you’re working with an external provider, it’s important that you understand the process of gathering the all important information required.

Taking a video from idea, to concept, through storyboard, production and post-production requires input, collaboration, discussion and debate. So if you’re looking for questions to ask before making a video, here are five useful ones to get the conversation going.

Can I buy you a wine or two?

If you can’t be bothered to read all this page, let me get to the punchline! If you’re interested in getting a voucher for £80 off 12 bottles of good quality wine, meaning their just £40 for 12 bottles, that’s just £3.33 for a bottle of good stuff. Contact me for a voucher….

But here’s the story….

Is it just me or are we all on the lookout for cheap wine? It’s a question that popped up in our conversations on holiday camping recently.  Sipping a glass of vino of course. Responsibly, honestly!

Long gone are the three for a tenner deals, remember those?  I don’t know about you, but the best we can find now is Aldi where the cheapest is £3.89. Unless you know of anywhere cheaper?

It’s not always about the cheapest though is it?

It’s nice to have a treat once in a while we were saying.

Something a little more spesh** (see footnote!).

A Modern Learning Professional

At this year’s CIPD Learning and Development Show, Gary Cookson did a presentation on the Modern Learning Professional. Using a cleverly written poem, Gary reflected on his initial experience of learning as a secondary school teacher, the early years of his corporate training career and how the role of training has changed over the years.

It was a pleasure to be invited to create a replay of this content using a video Gary sent me, his notes and a copy of his Powerpoint Presentation.

#IronTweeps The Movie

On Sunday 18th March 2018, a team of swimmers, cyclists and runners from around the UK, Europe and beyond, joined together to complete a relay Iron Man in aid of Sport Relief 2018 and you can still donate here.

Braving bitterly cold wind, snow and ice, making last minute adjustments to arrangements and routes on the day, the team completed an incredible 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle and a 26.2 mile run, each taking their turn before handing on to the next one using social media.

The donations go directly to Sport Relief who do some incredible work around the world and here in the UK helping people to lead better lives. I’ve personally been touched by their work in the UK funding projects to change the stigma associated with mental health issues.

Watch the video below and please donate to the great cause of Sport Relief by visiting the team page and choosing any of the team to donate to. Your support is massively appreciated.

DPG Community Merry Christmas

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t put my hands to some form of Christmas digital goodness and this year it’s been a pleasure to work on this one for DPG. This year, we’ve opted for a nice, simply worded Christmas greeting to the friends and family of the DPG Community. You can see it below.

In the thriving community of practice of the DPG Community, thousands of HR and L&D professionals network, share, learn and grow. That includes those developing their HR and L&D expertise through CIPD qualifications with DPG to those that are just making the most of all the community has to offer.

So what about you and your development for 2018? If you are a professional looking to be part of a vibrant community dedicated to continually developing and being the best at what they do, just head along here and sign up.

We’ll look forward to having you with us in 2018.

Here’s the video. Merry Christmas.


#IDrewAPigeon: Want to Learn How To Use Twitter?

Twitter is a powerful tool and nowadays, I couldn’t be without it. It’s firmly in my toolkit of digital platforms that I find incredibly useful. But it hasn’t always been that way.

Like many, when I first heard about Twitter years ago, I just didn’t get it. Why would you want a platform that essentially just allows you to broadcast a ‘status’ update? And why, should we be limited to the number or characters we should use?

So why did I join? The honest reason for this is I felt obliged to do so as a particular DJ I was listening to much on the radio at the time (and still do). He was always banging on about Tweeting the show, more so than sending in texts. Over the months that I listened to him, I became fascinated with how the guy built collections of interactions on certain parts of his show and music he was playing under the banner of something I’d never heard of; hashtags.

I took the plunge, signed up for an account, sent a few tweets, followed a few TV programmes other high profile accounts, to get very quickly very bored and put it to one side for a couple of years.


cipd L&D show

CIPD L&D Show An Artistic View

CIPD L&D Show was this week. I had planned to make it down for at least one day. A change in plans meant that I didn’t in the end.

No worries. The flurry of activity that comes from events like this mean I would at least be able to keep up with the threads from afar using the usual channels.

Life was made so much easier with the brilliant work from consulting artist Simon Heath. He not only continually demonstrates his ability to bring stuff to life through his doodling excellence but this guy really has some serious talent and finely honed skills in pulling out the most important, thought-provoking and relevant points.

I’ve shared these masterpieces in a video curation of his work. Check it out by clicking this link to > DPG Community Update