Blogging. Why do I bother?

Why do I bother?


Someone asked me the other day, “Why do you write blogs?” It got me thinking about my true motivation for doing so.

Blogging takes time and commitment. I’m a family man, working full time, with a great social life and a sizable side project. I’m therefore not doing it as a pass time to pass time that I don’t actually have spare! It’s not for any financial gains either as in my case blogging brings no financial return whatsoever. I’m not selling anything, I’m not trying to attract new clients, nor am I building a mailing list.  Some people blog for status however limelight is not really for me. I’m quite happy, and always have been, taking a pace back and allowing others to step forward and shine.

So, if my blogging is for none of those reasons, I’ve no doubt that the time management gurus would label my blogging as neither urgent nor important.

So why do I bother?

My intent is simple. I do it for me and I do it for you.

I do it for me

I’m a self-confessed life-long learner. I don’t stop learning. I’m a learning junkie! Every single day I learn something new, usually from someone else or from an experience I’ve had. Very occasionally (very occasionally) it’s from a formal course or programme.  I’m entirely comfortable with my belief that I can learn something new every single day. There are plenty of opportunities to do so.  Here I’m not just talking about the work stuff, although that’s important. I’m talking about the other stuff too. How can I be a better husband? How can I be a better Dad? How can I help my family to be the best it can be after all, they’re the reason that I do what I do.

To begin to be any good in the field of L&D it is my belief and that of many others that you need to be an excellent learner. That isn’t just about taking on new information. Excellence in learning is doing something with it.

So my blog has become a notepad, first and foremost for me. It’s a place that I can write down my learnings through life that I can refer back to at a later date. It helps massively with retention of information as well as spurring me on to take ownership of what I learn

I do it for you

That on its own isn’t enough and I can’t let it lie just there. It feels a little selfish for it to be all about me, me, me and that’s far from what I’m about. If the only reason I wrote blogs and articles was just for me, why would I bother to put them on a publically available website, available to all and sundry? Why would I not just keep a private diary or journal with all this stuff in, locked away and only available to me? Blogging on a publically available website is like writing things in a diary but leaving that diary out in the open and inviting people to pick it up and take a look at it as when they liked. That’s exactly what I want. It’s another area that L&D people have to excel in. Not only do L&D people have to be excellent life-long learners, they have to excel in their desire and ability to share the good stuff that they learn. As we know from our childhood lifelong lessons, sharing isn’t about keeping things to ourselves. Sharing is not about being the only one to have a turn. Sharing is about giving and if we really want to educate, inspire, motivate, help and support others, we ain’t going to do it by keeping our learnings locked away for our eyes only. I’m not saying that we need to go about our business splashing every last detail of our lives for everyone to see. I pick and choose very carefully what I do and don’t share. The point is I should be prepared to share at least some of my lessons in life.

It’s been said many times before, you are what you share.

That’s why I bother

So that’s why I bother. My blog, my open notebook, my place to share is here to help me. It gives me a place to record, reflect and commit. It gives me a reference point that I can later come back to. I keep it open for all to view safe in the knowledge that it’s there if you need it. And if anything I write helps just one person, I’m more than happy with that.

Note to self: Keep blogging. It’s worth bothering.

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