Experiment, tactics and learnings from Twitter


Is the experiment over? Have you changed tactics? What have you learned? They’re great questions and much appreciated. Thank you. Seeing as they’ve been asked, they deserve an answer. I’ve been thinking about these over the past few weeks before starting to re-follow on Twitter.

Is the experiment over?

The thing is unfollowing everyone on Twitter was never an experiment. It was a new and much needed way of working, one that’s worked out really well. I’ve pondered for a few weeks about changing it and it’s a change I’m already finding challenging. But there’s a reason for me doing so though so I’ll persevere. If it doesn’t work out I can always revert back. I’ll come on to why the re-following in a while, but me doing so is an experiment.

How are you developing your digital skills?

More than 12 million adults in the UK lack basic digital skills. That’s according to the work of Go ON UK and later Doteveryone  over several years. They’ve been working hard to highlight this problem and how it affects both individuals and our workforce as a whole. The need for basic digital skills is now widely recognised. There’s been a recent announcement that this work has been handed over to the Tech Partnership, an organisation that has a track record of bringing people together to address critical digital issues. They will lead the next phase of working to create skills for the UK’s digital economy .

As L&D and HR professionals, it’s important we consider our own digital skills. Our people are already using technology in every area of their lives outside the organisation. We must take advantage of the ever growing technology that is available to help our organisations thrive.

How do you measure your social media success?


It was a question someone asked me quite some time back. The immediate answer that jumped to mind was the obvious choice. The number of people following me. It seems to have become the most important, talked about, single measurement of social media success. I once heard a radio interviewer talking to a phone-in listener commenting on how successful they looked on Twitter based on how many people were following them. The numbers of favourites (now likes) and retweets I also considered as measures that I knew some people used.

It wasn’t till a few days later when I thought more about this. I questioned what it was all about anyway. It’s not about numbers and large followings or fan-bases for me. Nice if it happens in a humble way, but not something personally I chase. Instead, my social media purpose is about conversations, connections, networking, learning and sharing. Those things aren’t measured well by quantity. It takes a quality measure. I reminded myself that I already measured quality in a particular way. I’ll come on to explain that in a short while.