#LOVECPD a CPD twitter discussion this week

CbK_qY6WwAEfytWA Twitter discussion on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is happening right now this week. Click here to dive straight in and find out more or have a read below first.

Where the idea came from on Friday I have no idea. I think it was a combination of a great week of development, the quiet train journey home with Twitter for company and the love that was still being shared of a CPD video I made last year. Couple that with the valentine’s weekend ahead, hashtag #LOVECPD seemed like the perfect thing to do this week.

#LOVECPD was originally born out of wanting to help people understand more about CPD, what it was and how to approach it. Given my work at DPG, helping people in this way is a huge part of what I do. Add to that my digital approach and the outcome was a video, featuring some inspiring people, sharing their tips, advice and thoughts on CPD. It’s a good starting block.

But beyond this, there’s much more to be said. What events are happening right now that could help with CPD? What are the 21st century tools and techniques that can be used? What areas of CPD are you focussing on right now and who can help? What CPD can you share that you think may be of use to others.

It’s a massive topic and one that I thought I would give a bit of love to over this next week. Sharing, collaborating, conversation, working out loud, public CPD call it what you will, it’s an experiment that so far today seems to be working well. I’m learning loads and I hope others are too.

So if you’ve time at any point throughout this week to share, ask, discuss, observe, I’d love to have you part of this too. Head along just here to find out more….