Digital Learning Specialist: Learning is the word at the heart


Arguably the most important word in the title of Digital Learning Specialist is learning. If our digital learning solutions don’t support learning, was there any point to them in the first place.

It’s okay having all these great new technologies out there to use, but let’s remind ourselves that they’re here to help people learn. That learning is taking place because we want to better connect the people in our organisations, help them to share knowledge, solve problems and perform to higher levels.

Most of my career for the past fifteen years has been in learning and development. I started as a training officer, delivering inductions and progressed through various typical traditional L&D roles. Over the past few years, I have seen a shift in how much I use my digital skills and today, I specialise in using technology to support learning.

But learning is still at the heart of what I do.

It is easy to loose focus in developing technical skills if you specialise in technology. Developing L&D capability is crucial too. Being a Digital Learning Specialist in DPG helps with that. DPG specialise in programmes to increase L&D and HR capability through the range of CIPD programmes.

Being a digital learning specialist with no experience in organisational learning is like handing over your body to a dentist for open-heart surgery.

Do you agree L&D capability for those involved in producing digital learning content is a must? I’d love to hear from you over on Twitter.