Digital Learning Specialist: Not Expert


One of the great things about being a Digital Learning Specialist for DPG is that I’m just that. A specialist. Not an expert.

This is a great place to be. Digital is constantly shifting, changing, growing and developing. There’s always new tools, tech, toys, gadgets and gizmos to play with. What’s new today, is replaced and out of date tomorrow. So how can anyone possibly be a digital expert? Is there such a thing?

At the ‘one-notch-down’ specialist level, I have room to breath, to grow, to discover, to experiment and to develop. Digital is a broad area. There are of course areas where my level is lower, a novice. Even more space to grow.

The fact of the matter is, we’re all at different points on this scale with different areas of our digital competence at different levels. In digital, as long as we’re not an expert, if there was such a thing, there’s always something to learn. What counts is the commitment and desire to do so.

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