Digital Skills: A choice to make


Digital has infiltrated every area of our life and everything we do. It will continue to do so. Whether we choose it or not, digital has chosen us.

The information from GO.ON digital suggests a need to increase the digital competence in the UK. What does this mean to our L&D teams? Are they digitally competent too? Are we developing ourselves and others around?

If the information suggests that higher levels of learning and performance happen with better use of digital, why would we not want to?

It would be so very easy for us to think that we can out-source all of our digital learning requirements. That’s great if our budgets allow us to do that but really, can we always do that all of the time? If the budget doesn’t quite stretch to that next digital idea we have, what do we do, nothing?

Choosing to develop digital competence is wise for any organisation. If we know that our learners are connecting with, consuming, viewing, commenting on and sharing so much more digital learning than ever before, how equipped are we to deliver them content that engages?

Ady Howes is a Digital Learning Specialist for DPG – click here to find out more