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It’s been just around six months since the launch of Learning Now TV, a global TV channel with content dedicated to Learning and Development. Pioneered by Executive Producer Colin Steed, CEO of Learning and Performance Institute, the channel broadcast it’s fourth monthly programme on Thursday evening last week. If you missed it, you can catch the whole programme, or just tune into the individual segments you want to watch on the Learning Now TV website.

There’s a great audience building up and a growing number of people tuning in from around the world to the live programmes as well as enjoying the on-demand content on the website. But there’s still a long way to go in letting people know about this fantastic L&D resource.

Would you help?

We’ve love for you to help. One of the things I’ll be doing over the next couple of weeks is building a trailer of testimonials from you our lovely viewers. The way I’m planning on doing this is including some “soundbites” of testimonials from our audience talking about what they think about Learning Now TV. The trailer will be presented like an answerphone, so it’s just simply a case of you giving us a call and leaving a message on the Learning Now TV answerphone!

Your message should include your name at the start along with any other information you want to include along with a short message telling us what you think of Learning Now TV and why you think others should sign up. Make it quick and punchy, speak clearly and try and keep the background noise to a minimum. Don’t worry too much about perfection and scripting things out, just treat it like your leaving a voicemail for your mate – that way you’ll sound natural and awesome!

Looking forward to HEARING from you! Here’s the number:

phone_icon0203 290 0799

Remember if you’re calling from outside the UK use +44203 290 0799



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