#LOVECPD: A reflection on day 1

And breathe….. Hectic day. I wasn’t expecting that response. It’s been awesome over on Twitter, Linked in and of course the DPG Community. There’s so many that #LOVECPD it would seem!

Today, the focus was all around reflection and what you do to reflect on your learning. It’s nice to write, but sometimes time is limited. A random rattle into a dictaphone (nowadays a smart phone) is another tip people have come up with to reflect on CPD. There’s been mention of Twitter and even Storify to capture learning as well as this video from Robin Hoye sharing his views on CPD reflection.

Any other views, tips, advice and links much appreciated.

So what next. I think sharing reflections. It makes sense once you’ve learned and reflected to share. Here’s a sneak peak…