#LOVECPD: Do you share your CPD?


Yesterday, there was talk on #LOVECPD of reflecting on the CPD that you do. Some spoke about writing journals and reflective blogs. There were tips on how best to capture your CPD in writing. There were discussions on whether to keep journals private or public. There were also suggestions that using other digital tools, apps, voice recorders etc were other great ways of capturing CPD. You can read all about them here.

A sensible move on from that would be to consider the question do you share your CPD. Of course that on its own makes a pretty swift conversation, so perhaps there’s more depth to this. Why do you share your CPD and who with? How do you do this? Is there only certain bits of your CPD you share or do you share everything? What tools do you use to share CPD?

I’ve love to hear your thoughts on this one. The end result, a pot of useful tips, conversations and ideas to support people with their CPD. Trust you can help share a bit of #LOVECPD.