#LOVECPD: How do you keep topped up?

top up glass shutterstock_223784746

As wrong as it is for this time of day, I could devour all of that photo right now! Anyway, not the point…. The point is keeping topped up. Specifically, keeping topped up with the skills around HR and L&D.

Yesterday on the #LOVECPD channel, there was lots of discussions on digital and learning tech. Great ideas, questions, discussions and discovery. So much for me to pick up on.

But as we all well know, technology is just simply the enabler. As our friend Andrew Jacobs said, ‘The platform isn’t going to shift the mindset; that needs to be addressed separately. Mindset 1st, platform 2nd’.  He described the opposite approach as the technical tail wagging the organisational dog.

I couldn’t agree more. Underpinning HR, L&D, OD knowledge is critical. The MOST important. A recognised qualification is absolutely necessary for anyone in those roles. Just like for any other person who has a responsibility for lives!

So my #LOVECPD question today assumes that you’re already qualified, or working towards a qualification, in HR / L&D and asks for the advice you would give to others to continue their CPD beyond professional studies. Thinking purely, the skill. The people skill….

“How do you keep topped up?”. How do you make sure your HR and L&D thinking is current, fresh, up to date, relevant, effective and suitable for today’s world and not one of last decade? What advice do you have for the people joining our industry? What CPD activities should they be focusing on? What’s coming up around the corner that you know about that could help with CPD in this area?

“How do you keep topped up?” is the question I’m asking today – Join in just here on Twitter!