#LOVECPD: What digital questions do you have?

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Today is Digital Learning Day 2016, an effort by the Alliance for Excellent Education to engage students & empower educators through effective use of digital tools. There’s a whole discussion on using digital in education happening on the hashtag .

It’s got me thinking again about digital skills and the skills that we need to develop ourselves and for everyone around us. It reminds me of a conversation that I was part of last week at  where we explored what the skills needed are and how you could go about developing those. The conversation concluded for me at least one thing. There are a lot of questions out there on digital. ‘What do I do to…..’, ‘How do I set up….’, ‘What are the best tools for…..’, etc. They’re great questions that are often led into with ‘This might be a stupid question but……..’.

Honestly, genuinely, it’s not.

Let me remind you, I’m not an expert, I’m learning too. There’s plenty of stuff I need to learn. If I don’t know, I’ll ask. I’m happy to share with you what I do know and what I pick up along the way.

But for now, I’m intrigued by your thoughts on the question… ‘What digital questions do you have?’ #LOVECPD

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