Logo stings bring your productions to life. They help to re-enforce your brand, whether it's the brand of your company or the brand of your event. Logo stings, logo introductions, animated logos, logo reveals call them what you like they're becoming even more popular.

Why? Because more of us are putting out digital content, which includes video for a variety of purposes. Whether you need a logo to spruce up a video production or a video logo for use on social media, or perhaps a video logo to go inside a piece of online learning or marketing material there's endless uses for them.

I can turn your hi-res logo into an animated video logo. There's a few examples of logo stings in the videos on this page.

If you're looking to get one made for your own business, events, products, services or ventures, then please contact me.

Here's an animated logo sequence that I made for Genting Casinos to support the launch of a new product. A video was created, using a smartphone, which gave those working in the casinos information about the new product, how it worked and the procedures that followed. There were three parts to the video.

I was given the brief to 'spruce' up the video to make it 'look more professional'. I was able to achieve this by using this logo sting in between each section. This not only gave the video a more professional edge, but also divided each of the three sections up to make it easier for the viewer to digest.

If you are looking for your own animated video logo, please contact me.

When Learning Now TV first launched, having a strong brand identity was key for this new online TV channel. With no-one having heard of the channel, having a high-impact logo that had the same production values as traditional TV channels was a key requirement.

This 'distorted TV logo' complete with audio was one of the original logo stings I made for the channel and is still being used today.

If you need a hand with logo stings, please contact me.