As visual as videos are, they need some words here and there don't they?

Whether that's to tell a story, share key messages, provide information or give credit where credit is due, text on screen, when done right, can create an even bigger impact to your digital content.

Looking to bring the words of your video, online learning, marketing or social media messages to life? Have a look through the examples of work I've done with text on this page.

Here's one of my favourite text jobs that was associated with a set of online 'webisodes' that I was involved in producing. The style of these comedy videos was designed around being a twist of crime TV programmes you're likely to see.

A criminal feel to the titles, some dark dramatic music, blended into the social media hashtag were called for. Here's an example of the start and end title sequences for those webisodes.

What titles do you need?

Learning Now TV was always intended to be the online equivalent of a well produced TV programme. But at it's launch, having never been heard of, how could this perception be achieved.

That is through high production values at every stage of the game and graphics were no exception. The original pilot graphics were re-defined a short duration into the running of the programme. 

In this example, you'll see the title sequences that are used at the start and end of the programme. On the end sequence, you'll see how this was made into a 'template' that the editor could customise for each programme.