Social Media Tools: How do you use yours?

creme_3547027bI remember the creme egg advert do you? I’d always thought there was only one way, just one to eat a creme egg. Biting the top off and diving right into the contents, ending up in a gooey mess. The advert, if you remember, had vidoes of people attempting to eat their creme eggs in a variety of creative ways. There was more than one. Much more than one! One size really didn’t fit all.

Pretty much, as I’m discovering, like the social media tools we have around us. Many of these tools we are conditioned to use in a particular way. Maybe that’s done deliberately by the platform owners, maybe it’s just how it’s always been and the ‘way it’s done around here’.

But let’s not follow suit, unless that particular suit works for us. Let’s really consider why we use each of the social media tools in the first place rather than being dictated to by tradition or others. There’s so much to say on all this, but for now, there’s a link below to a great conversation about Twitter and how we choose to use our social media tools.

However you choose to consume the information you wish to online, there is no right and wrong way. But there is an underlying question.

Are you getting what you need to out of the tools that you are using?

I wasn’t so I made a change. It’s not a gimmick, it’s not a test, it’s no longer an experiment. I simply wasn’t getting the value of having 700 people that I followed crammed into one timeline. Instead, I’ve divided those that I am interested in LISTENING to into sensible groups. Twitter calls them lists. They are based on the messages they tend to share and the relationship I have with that person. I am better connected, have had more conversations, have helped more people, have consumed and shared more stuff. All in less time.

So however we use these ever growing tools around us, for me, it’s understanding whether I’m truly getting value from them or whether I’m allowing the tools and traditional ways of using them to crush my ability to have meaningful relationships with those I’m interested in.

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