Questions to ask before making a video

Questions to ask before making a video often comes up in conversations I have and it’s an important one. It takes just seconds to say ‘let’s make a video, but that bit is the very shortest part of the whole process that is about to take place. That is, if it is intended that the video is to be a success. And why wouldn’t it be.

The question might also be, WHY should we ask questions before making a video?

Over my time, I’ve built up lots of practical evidence of the benefits of making sure the pre-production process is done well. There’s the savings in time, mitigating risks of things going wrong, ensuring the right content is captured and the most beneficial engaging story is told. I can think of one production I was involved in where the pre-production planning was responsible for saving thousands of pounds.

As more and more of us are involved in making videos, it’s important we have the knoweldge to consult with our stakeholders and help them develop the best videos with the biggest impact. Videos are all around usĀ supporting learning, engaging employees, helping us to recruit and share knowledge inside and out of our organisations. Whether using your own in-house skills to produce video content or you’re working with an external provider, it’s important that you understand the process of gathering the all important information required.

Taking a video from idea, to concept, through storyboard, production and post-production requires input, collaboration, discussion and debate. So if you’re looking for questions to ask before making a video, here are five useful ones to get the conversation going.

A Modern Learning Professional

At this year’s CIPD Learning and Development Show, Gary Cookson did a presentation on the Modern Learning Professional. Using a cleverly written poem, Gary reflected on his initial experience of learning as a secondary school teacher, the early years of his corporate training career and how the role of training has changed over the years.

It was a pleasure to be invited to create a replay of this content using a video Gary sent me, his notes and a copy of his Powerpoint Presentation.