What do you exactly do?

It's a great question. Often tough to explain in just one pint. But hopefully I've done a good enough job summing it up here


Ok, yeah. I get the point. Video does include audio too. But we'll leave the music and voice side of that to the audio channel. Visual also includes the skills I can support you with in graphic design for online and print as well as animation. Let me know what you need eyeballs on.

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Let's not underestimate the power of great audio. Whether it's support with podcasting recording and editing you need, advice on audio for video, music selection and voice narration, I can help you. Let me know how you need to sound with your audience.

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No good having great audio visual stuff kicking off without a way for people to engage with and consume your digital content. If you need a hand getting more social not a problem. Need to control access to your content? I can help. Ticket system, support desk, event booking not a problem either.

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