DPG’s HRM Level 5 Online CIPD Programme Advert

Here’s your story let’s begin

The waters fine come on dive in

The future’s here, its right before your eyes

Step by step you’re on your way

Welcome to a brighter day

Don’t you know it’s good to be alive

I love those tracks that you hear and just feel the need to do something with. When I heard the lyrics of the song sung by a guy called Benji Jackson backed by the awesome upbeat sound of Pink Zebra it was the meant to be. A perfect fit.

The production was a new advert for DPG to support the launch of their online CIPD HRM Level 5 qualification. Behind every advert is a good plan and a strong story. In this case, the story is about the individual HR professional going on a journey to develop their knowledge and skills and obtain a well sought after qualification. There’s plenty of work to do in HR right now and plenty of challenges ahead. But the water is fine and those that want to work in this field should, as the words say, dive in. Brighter days always lie ahead when it comes to making the world of work better.

The story is also about the learner experience of the new online qualification. Alongside the online learning, personal support, virtual classrooms and community discussions, the programme also features a unique business district consisting of many different types of organisations in one big city.  As a learner you get to put your knowledge to the test in a range of simulated scenarios. It ticks the boxes of learner engagement and gamification.

On producing the advert, I wanted the visual style to marry up with the feel of this business district so the advert is made in a style that suits and contains some of the screens from within the new programme.

It’s been a great collaboration and a pleasure to work on. One of my favourite productions to date which I believe reflects the quality of the programme. Without doubt there’s no other place to look when it comes to developing skills and knowledge in HR.

You can see the advert below and find out more about DPG’s range of programmes on their website.