What Apps/Software are people using to edit video?

As a digital content specialist, it’s a question I get asked often. What apps and software am I using to edit video.

I’m interested in the answers of others on this question too. Asking it means you get to find out what’s new, what’s changed, whether what you’re using is still right for the job or whether it’s time to sharpen your saw and explore new tools.

I’ve used a variety of video editing kit. If truth be known, the first video I edited on a professional level was VHS to VHS on a cable. Until I later upgraded to a twin deck VHS machine!

How things have moved on! Nowadays, I largely use Adobe Premier as my main weapon of choice when it comes to the final edits of videos. But often, there are several other bits of software and apps along the way. The native recorder on my Samsung S7 does a great enough job for capturing video and trimming bits off for a quick upload to social. When I’m doing live video, there’s a few different apps depending on the occasion and the kit that I’m using.

On the desktop editing wise, Adobe Premier is my main weapon of choice when it comes to cutting video together. Camtasia also plays a big part in many of the videos I make and if I’m feeling really brave, I’ll chuck a little After Effects in for some special measures.

There’s a great mix out there and you don’t have to choose just one. There’s more than one way to cut a video.

I’m genuinely keen to find out what’s in use out there, free and paid for. I’ve curated the responses I’ve had so far on Twitter. Maybe you can reply and I’ll add your thoughts to the discussion too

Thanks for getting involved

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