What makes digital learning engaging?


Digital learning is just a solution along with all other forms of learning. The same theories and principles tend to apply.

Learning seems to be more engaging when it has purpose and links to performance. If I can see the point of learning something I’m learning and understand how it will benefit me, it’s far much more engaging than doing something just for the sake of it or because I’m told. How many pieces of learning do we need to complete, that are exactly the same as last year, that have the same questions, the same answers and the same level of engagement?

Digital learning needs to be the right duration, pace and flow. It needs to be just in time. Did it really need be that long?

The same senses we use to engage in real life are the same senses we use to engage with digital content (currently less smell and taste). Theses are the ‘channels’ available to us, each with it’s own control. Turn it too low and content becomes dis-engaging, yet turn it too high and it becomes distracting. Learning the skills involved in making digital learning content engaging from a visual, audio and touch perspective is critical to the success of digital learning.

When thinking about how to engage people, think about drawing inspiration from outside learning that are doing great things with digital. What can you learn? What’s being done on TV to make things look more engaging? What can you hear in radio that makes learning more engaging? How can you encourage people to touch and interact with digital content? What are others doing to engage our touch?

What else do you think makes digital learning engaging? Tweet me, I’d love to hear from you.

Ady Howes is a Digital Learning Specialist for DPG – click here to find out more