Can I buy you a wine or two?

If you can’t be bothered to read all this page, let me get to the punchline! If you’re interested in getting a voucher for £80 off 12 bottles of good quality wine, meaning their just £40 for 12 bottles, that’s just £3.33 for a bottle of good stuff. Contact me for a voucher….

But here’s the story….

Is it just me or are we all on the lookout for cheap wine? It’s a question that popped up in our conversations on holiday camping recently.  Sipping a glass of vino of course. Responsibly, honestly!

Long gone are the three for a tenner deals, remember those?  I don’t know about you, but the best we can find now is Aldi where the cheapest is £3.89. Unless you know of anywhere cheaper?

It’s not always about the cheapest though is it?

It’s nice to have a treat once in a while we were saying.

Something a little more spesh** (see footnote!).

You see, whilst that cheap stuff is ok and does a brilliant job in keeping the wine bill down to a level that doesn’t look like a mortgage repayment, it is nice to get something decent to fill the glass once in a while right?

Our holiday was one of those. Other occasions that spring to mind are the dinner we’ve got coming up one evening and later on in the month some good friends heading down to spend a weekend with us.  There’s some bottles saved for that.

Oh, and Christmas. That’s usually worthy of saving an odd bottle or box!

Whilst most of the cheaper stuff we get through is okay and does the job of keeping the budget down, you do get some crap from time to time for that price don’t you?  You know the stuff that tastes like it would be better off on your chips or has you reaching for a second box of Rennies before the night is out? The stuff that leads to the mother of all hangovers the following day.

So what about this good stuff?

Well, I haven’t really mentioned it much, but I’m one of a crowd of ‘angel wine investors’. I invest cash into an organisation that works with independent wine makers globally who make stunning, clean, amazing tasting wine. They source the best wine from vineyards around the world and use the cash from members to place large orders, giving those independent little winemakers a stronger income allowing them to survive.

It feels good to know that we’re supporting communities around the world and not just pumping cash solely into big retailers.

But, just before you think I’m flashing the cash here and investing thousands, let me put you straight. We’re just putting twenty quid in our account each month and using it like a savings pot. We can use the balance at any point we like and trade this in for wine.  I’ll get a crate every few months. Sometimes we increase our contribution if we know we’re going to need a box of the good stuff coming around a bit quicker!

With a fair few angel investors now, the organisation has some incredible buying power. We get some very tasty treats!

‘It’s like the best kept secret’, I said on holiday.

‘I want to spread the word’.

So when I got back, I connected with the organisation that we get this good stuff from. They’ve given me permission to offer anyone I like an £80 voucher off a crate of their wine which would usually cost £120.

That means 12 bottles of the good stuff for just £40£3.33 a bottle.

AND, they are saying there is absolutely no commitment to being a regular saver. It can be just a one-off if that’s what you prefer. Having said that though, if you’re like me and like wine I’m sure you’ll also realise there’s nothing not to like and you might want to stick with it!

So if that’s something you’re interested in, I can send you a voucher.

Just contact me.


Happy Holidays!



*If you were wondering where the tenuous link to L&D or HR is, there isn’t one! It’s not always about work is it?

**And if you’re wondering what spesh is, that’s just a hip way of writing the word special!

***And if 12 bottles of decent wine for just £3.33 a bottle (sourced from independent wine makers from around the world and not off the back of a dodgy truck) is really what you’re about contact me for a voucher